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Our Company, our value, your trust

BURCO has been created in 1978 and has since then, developed many projects, as well in the residential sector (including healthcare) as in the offices branch and all of this in Belgium, Poland, Hungary, and Argentina.


Due to the size of its selected projects, BURCO is used to deal with public authority and all the related aspects of it. For example, the development of the zoning plan of « Val d’Or » in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert, the partnership with the town of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, with CDP group, the rebuilding and reconversion of several blocks around the Brussels north train station (known as « Espace Nord ») or the redevelopment of the former harbor of Ostend.

In this context, we developed thousands of square meters of offices occupied by Proximus, SPF Economy, SPF Transportation, SPP Scientific Politics, World Customs Organization, Bird & Bird, Robert Half, BankCard Company, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young,...

BURCO also developed a real expertise in residential development, mid and high-range, with the development of more than 1.500 units developed in Brussels, Hungary, Poland and Argentina.

Constantly facing the market needs and evolutions, BURCO is also developing healthcare complexes. We currently have two elderly homes under construction, and we are preparing the plans for another one of 120 rooms.

BURCO is included in a wider group called Financial Roosevelt, holding of Mr. Jean De Cloedt. Besides the equity level of BURCO and of his mother company, the absence of debt definitely constitutes a guarantee of  his solvency, which represents a determinant element in the actual financial environment essential for this type of scheme.

With an impressive track record and a low risk approach, Burco represents a very trustful partner for all kinds of real estate development.

Burco’s philosophy is based on essential values as integrity, professionalism, respect of the given word, which built and created the image and credibility that is acknowledged in the real estate market.

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